Now, if you're anyone that's in the slightest bit into fashion, shopping, or even pinterest, you know that there is this new "leather skirt" trend making the rounds. You can walk into every Zara, H&M, Forever 21 store (or even big names like Rag & Bone and Balmain, if its Hanukkah) and come across a rack of mini leather skirts, more often than not adorned with zips and asymmetrical hems. And it's certainly appealing.
They go great with ANY white shirt (yes, even a t-shirt).
They are appearing in beautiful colors like oxblood, carmel-y brown, and even forest green, which makes them more fitting for Autumn/Winter.
But most importantly, they're super edgy. I don't know if it has to do with the craze over the Zara Skort (you can read about its domination over the world here) with its asymmetrical hem, but recently there have been tons and tons of skort-copies and skirts adopting this un-even yet modern design! The zips and hardware also add to this motorcycle-chick type of look. If only one could actually ride a motorcycle in a skirt like that (without flashing the world).
But, not all leather skirts have bells and whistles, which is quite nice. There's still something so classic and sophisticated about a plain straight-hem leather skirt, that makes it a true staple piece in anyone's wardrobe as it can really work for all occasions (including the office). It can be dressed up with statement heels, or dressed all the way down with some high-top converse- making it sort of like the "new denim."
And if you're in the mood for something a bit less edgy, there are tons of flowy, a-line versions out there. Pleated, quilted, pencil, and knee-length....these more feminine versions are just as practical, if you're not a size 00 fashion blogger, let alone in a warm climate.
And finally, if you're a die-hard Alexa Chung fan like I am, you know that there are a handful of ways you can throw a sweater onto a leather skirt, yet still manage to look completely different. I mean, come on! Did you see that bottom row, second cream number ? She can make a leather pleated skirt and chunky jumper look extremely Chanel. Or maybe its that glass of champagne.

Here's a roundabout of some popular, yet extremely similar, skirts for a wide range of budgets! I say leather quality supersedes anything when picking something classic that you will wear for years, but if you're into the zips, asymmetrical hemline, or anything overtly-trendy, go a little easy on the wallet as there are tons of cheap options! 

Did you indulge yet in this leather-skirt trend?
Be sure to link any posts you have wearing this look!

Happy Saturday!



OH, HOW 1742 OF YOU!

Individual Photographs via. Pinterest

It's no surprise that the "plaid" or "tartan" print is making it big this fall. If you look on any fashion blog, you're bound to find at least one look with a plaid/tartan piece in there. If you take a step into your local Zara, you will most likely find dozens of variations of tartan/plaid scarves, skirts, pants, and even tops. And it makes sense- it has such a cold-weather appeal!

The funny thing about this print is that it dates back to 18th century Scottish Kilts, so it has a emblematic history, which is why this print has that "posh" vibe to it. Personally, when I think of this print, Cher & Dionne from the 90's film, Cluleless, comes to mind with their tartan blazers, pleated skirts, and attitudes to match. This print never really went away since then as it was always part of the "grundgy look." However, now its popping up in different color variations like navy & gray or black   & yellow, as opposed to its original christmas-like colors. 

The one aspect of this print that I'm beginning to enjoy is the fact that "grundge" can actually be taken seriously for once and seen as somewhat sophisticated! If you've always been a plaid-lover and fulfilled your trend needs by finding grundgy pieces from your local thrift stores, look no further! You can find tons of modern or contemporary variations of plaid/tartan-printed garb if you just poke your nose around. That being said, thrifting may lead you to find something perhaps a little more unique or with a vintage flair. 

How I would wear this trend: I love the idea of having a pair of tartan-printed skinny pants (here, here, and here) with a simple knit sweater or even more understating-ly fun: a pair of heels (hi, hey, hello)

Also, how was everyone's Thanksgiving? Any Black Friday deals? (I took the liberty of not BF shopping this year...instead I slept a whole lot!)




Thanks SWEATER WEATHER, I'll have a cookie now.

Photos taken by me.
Hat: H&M
Sweater: GREGORI (Beacon's Closet)
Dress: BDG (Urban Outfitters)
Tights: Target
Bag: Coach (Buffalo Exchange)
Boots: Tesori

The dreaded, sweater weather. I don't know exactly what it is about New York's ability to fling you through a toaster oven one minute, then siberia the next, that makes us such darn antsy people, but I still love it. I feel like we're never really comfortable where we are because everything is usually so extreme-- I mean, have any of you New Yorkers ever witnessed spring? Because to me, spring in New York City has the duration of a Friends rerun, then BAM, there goes all the breathable oxygen in the subways. I am thankful though for the fact that we actually have an Autumn. The crunchy leaves, pumpkin-spiced everything, and felt hats are just a few reminders that its almost holiday season. Also, there's nothing more satisfying than being all wrapped up and cozy while its chilly outside; whereas all the watermelon in the world wouldn't be enough to cool me down in a blistering summer.

Anyways, this post is more of a dedication to Autumn and its beautiful magic when it comes to fashion. 
Layers, layers, and more layers: and this refers just as much to cake as it does garments. Because well, your wool coat can do a great job of covering that bread-y latte companion that you just ate as it does streamline your look. In other words:  all hail the season of eating!

What's your favorite Autumn/Winter treat?





So, you want to be a fashion blogger, huh? The next ManRepeller, Bryanboy, or Rumi Neely?
Well...you got to learn the basics, and I've got the ultimate round-up of tools, tips, tricks, and other words starting with the letter "t" to help you out. Sorry, no toffee here. This isn't your bubby's house.

First things first, you have to go in with the right mindset. Think: what am I trying to achieve with my blog or what am I going for exactly? Is it mainly street-style like TommyTon or The Sartorialist? Personal outfits and photo diaries like Le Blog De Betty? Something a lot more specific like Missladyfinger's runway-inspired nails? Or a pitiful mish-mosh like myself? These are just a few thoughts I'm putting out there. You don't necessarily need to fit any of these categories. In fact, I'd highly advise otherwise. It certainly sounds cliche to say this, but with the growing number of blogs every single day, especially fashion-related blogs, you really want to stand out, if you plan on making it a large part of your life or even career.  

So, what are some tools, every blogger should have under his/her vintage leather belt?

1. Polyvore: Even if you don't have a blog, you may have played around with this site a few times. It allows you to create your own outfits/inspiration boards in a collage interface that draws images from stores, brands, and a variety of websites. For the not-so-graphic-design-savvy, it's perfect as it allows you to crop around clothing and add text and borders. You can also share your creations with other people and get inspiration from other looks. I've used it quite often in times where I was shopping and looking for a specific price-range/color/brand/etc.
2. Fotor: A FREE, no-signup website for photo-editing and collage-making. This is awesome for those who are just starting out and don't want to shell-out on photo-editing software, or those who are freaked out by Photoshop. I personally use this to make collages for my fashion inspiration. It not only makes my posts more clean and elegant, but it trims the amount of space it takes up on my page by A LOT. Also, collages are just fun. You may want to even check out Picasa, Pixlr, Befunky....or even Smartphone (yes, I didn't say iPhone because I care) Apps like VSCO Cam, (which has stellar filters and effects that make Instagram seem useless).

3. A Thesaurus: Well, here's one more thing starting with the letter "t." The content of your blog is solely up to your creative direction, but keep in mind that the writing is just as important as your photographs. You want to create a strong voice for yourself, so try to avoid LMFAO or TTYL, unless you're trying to prove a point or be a smarty-pants writer or something. That said, don't abuse the thesaurus either and use words like floccinaucinihilipilification or sesquipedality. Moreover, over-complicated language and wordiness can lose readers, so, being concise is most forgiving! Sorry for making you revisit a long-forgotten english class. 

4. A Camera/Notebook: To me, these are interchangeable because of the way different people perceive different things. I personally find that taking photographs is my way of gathering my inspiration from places I visit, people I meet, or even cute dogs I wish I had (why does everyone in New York have an adorable dog? and why am I always the creepy dog-ophile who wants to snap photos of them?) However, another person may get his/her inspiration from writing down or drawing what he/she sees. Whichever way you like to get your inspiration, just do it. You may even want to use both methods. You never know when something will spark an idea for a post!

As for camera types, I'm not going to tell you to go out and spend loads of money on a Canon or Nikon DSLR, because it's not as mandatory as people make it out to be. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I've taken some pretty crisp, frame-worthy photographs just from my iPhone's camera, a steady hand and good lighting. Disposable Kodak cameras also provide a vintage-looking flair to photographs, so you may want to even check those out! I currently use the Canon Rebel T1i, with it's kit lens (although I would recommend using a non-kit lens if you're on the Canon-Rebel track).
Union Square via MY IPHONE!
5. Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr are the obvious one's that help promote your page to your friends and family while possibly getting new readers as well. Certainly, don't overdo it with postings, but you still want to be consistent and straight to the point. A catchy little title or question along with a photo might draw in readers, whereas a paragraph summary may leave them baffled and bored. Also, if you're leaning towards doing outfit posts check out websites like LOOKBOOK.NU or Chictopia. They can help you get your looks out there to other fashion bloggers and give you some inspiration. 

6. INSPIRATION INSPIRATION INSPIRATION: This is probably one of the most important aspects of having a fashion blog, because many people solely get their inspiration from the online-blogsphere. GET OUT OF YOUR BEDROOM. Take the subways. Take buses. Go to shops (even if you can't afford anything there). Thrift stores are a frugal-fashion-lover's best friend. Observe people and their style. Go to art galleries. Go to coffee shops. Go to comedy shows. Take a stroll through your local park. Take pictures. Read the fashion section of the New York Times. Study the government shutdown. Read actual newspapers. Read books. Think. Write down ideas in a cute little notebook. Inspiration doesn't just have to come from seeing the latest D&G campaign on Fashiongonerogue. It's also about having unique experiences. Why else do you think HONY has become so influential? He isn't necessarily a fashion-blogger, but when he photographs random people on the street that catch his eye, he doesn't just prop them against a wall. He talks to them. He asks them questions about their experiences.
The most gorgeous sunset I've ever seen at Griffith Observatory! It can even be as easy as finding the time of sunset/sunrise to get a beautiful photo! #nofilter
I love the Brooklyn Flea. Beautiful sites, interesting vendors, tons of unique food! 
This was another art museum I visited a while back called the Museum of the Moving Image. They had this awesome  minimalistic and futuristic room where their headphones came from the ceiling! Wish I had a room like that!

and, finally I find that trying to "stand out" can be hard especially nowadays where thats all that everyone is really trying to do, which ultimately defeats the whole purpose of being different. So, I have one final tip for you that could work and help give you ideas if you're stuck on what kind of blog you want: pick one other idea that can be unrelated to fashion that you are equally passionate about, and connect that with fashion. This will show people that you're not just a fashion-lover, but a lover of something else a well!

thus, I give you an example as any rightful teacher should:

Example: You could blog about your love for fashion and the environment, showcasing much of the eco-friendly brands in your wardrobe, teaching people about reducing the carbon-footprint with their home decor, etc.

It may sound like I'm forcing a formula for fashion-blogging, but I'm not. There really is no formula. This is just a little idea that can help you jumpstart your fashion blog and give you a bit of consistency, as that is what draws people in most of the time: CONSISTENCY. On the flip side, it's important to go into blogging not thinking, "viewers, viewers, viewers!" A lot of the time, you can put such a great deal of time away from civilization, money on leather goods, and arm cramping as you prop up your tripod, and you may still not have tons of followers. Just hang in there and know that opportunities strike when you least expect them to. The most important thing is that you must LOVE what you do, because if you don't, it will show.

Leave questions, bloggerly-advice, and love in the comments below.

If this post turns out half as helpful as I intended it to, I may even make more that cover this same topic, as it is quite the hot one!





Top: Urban Outfitters // Skirt: Express (at Marshall's) // Pumps: Sam Edelman

Photos by: Myself

I'm not sure if many of you are familiar with the Yom Kippur Jewish holiday, but this was my "celebratory" outfit. I use air-quotes because its a holiday about atonement, where you fast and don't touch electricity for about 25 hours. I like to call it a day of detachment from the world. It's crazy to think how less my empty stomach was on my mind than not being able to check Instagram or Facebook! Surprisingly, I found myself quite confused at a loud sound coming from outside, until I realized it was just an airplane passing by. To think that a noise like that goes on all the time was kind of eye-opening for me. We are sometimes so absorbed in our own little technological bubble that we tune out the outside world. Also, I found myself running towards my phone rather than the refrigerator as soon as the fast was over, which is another indication of my craziness of its own. All in all though, a day of detachment from the world can sometimes be quite therapeutic and healthy in my opinion.

It's not yet Autumn, even though I'd like to think it is with my obsessive shopping...but I decided to create a whimsical, transitional fall outfit for you. I've always been drawn to peter-pan-like school-girl shirts because of how feminine yet simplistic they look. Also, since New York has been on and off with it's hot weather, I never found the right time to wear this top, which has a thick, summer-unfriendly material. I didn't want to just pair it with a simple black skater skirt, so I decided to go for something a little fun but still subdued: my Express leopard-like, sequined skirt (which I came across at a Marshall's for $14). The Sam Edelman pumps were also a Lord & Taylor end-of-the-season steal and are so cloud-like!

A quick question for you all: Do you think you could "live" without technology for a day?

Leave your opinions/thoughts in the comments section, because this idea really interests me!





 photos via. pinterest

I'll have a glass of Merlot please!

There's something about this color that is so luxurious-looking and so rich that I think it may be considered "my favorite color." After all these years of answering dumb surveys or doing circle seating ice-breakers in class, I always would say my favorite color was red. But, not this time. This is a different kind of red. 

You may call it burgundy, bordeaux, or even Oxblood (which I have know idea where that came from.) Whatever you call it though, it still is one of Autumn's (and hopefully even winter's) beautiful, leaf-like colors. 

Where to find this color?

*Clothing: Blazers, denim, sweaters, circle-skirts!
*Leatherwear: Clutches, satchels, jackets, & all kinds of shoes!
*Beauty: Lipsticks (for a vampy look), blushes, eyeshadow (which I am still on the hunt for) & nail varnishes!
* Home Decor: Couches, bed-frames, bowls, wall colors, or even a glass of wine! 

What shops currently have it?

Be on the lookout for the term "oxblood." Check out stores like H&M, ASOS, Topshop, and Mod Cloth. You can never go wrong with your local thrift/vintage shop either!

What do you think of this color? Yay/nay?
What is your fall-color obsession?




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