Most Gorgeous Woman Alive

Megan Fox. I think Megan is on of the most gorgeous women ever. And not just because every guy idolizes her and such, I just think her confidence as well as her style makes her shine. I know a lot of you guys are probably going to say that she got so much plastic surgery done to become so beautiful, but I think that comes out of insecurity. A lot of women feel that they need to get plastic surgery done when they are perfectly beautiful the way they are. However, it's not so easy convincing someone if they are extremely insecure about themselves. I think the beauty community-putting makeup, getting involved in fashion, and in some cases getting plastic surgery is a way for some women to enhance their beauty as well as gain more confidence. Megan, even though she did go under the knife (which, I personally would never do) gained confidence and she is so beautiful. Who do you guys think is the most beautiful person?
btw. i love the bronzey look, should I do a tutorial on it? I think it would be perfect for summer!

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