different shades of kershaw

 Abbey Lee Kershaw (Bambi too..I can't decide haha) is probably my biggest model crush ! She is beyond amazing and always does such lovely work. She is by far one of the most popular fresh models that we've been seeing everywhere. The great thing about her is that she is such a style chamelion and can pull off so many looks. She totally rocks the platinum blonde do nowadays....but I kind wish she was still brunette!! I think she is such a style chamelion that she could even pull off that new rainbow hair trend.

what do you guys think? blonde abbey or brunette abbey?



Nicole✗✗ said...

She is simply beautiful!! She looks gorgeous blonde and brunette but I would prefer brunette. : )

BEcatwalk said...

I love the last pic and all the hairstyles! I think I prefer her brunette!

Im following you now!

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annalisa said...

def brunette, even tho it isnt too dark so its perfect
:) thanks for your comment babes xx



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