Fashion Blogger of the Moment: Angelica Blick

One of the most awesome fashion bloggers that I found on knightcat,  Angelica Blick, has the most awesome style! She is so beautiful and her style is so so amazing! I am in love the with last photo> primarily those pants!
I've never seen anyone pull leather pants off that well since Kate Moss
Check it out here!



Jane Alisa said...

Wow her style is AWESOME! Great blog. xoxo

Hattybell said...

These photos are great, her style is amaazzingg! Thanks for the tip :)

Hatty x

P.S. I'm also loving Rodarte for Opening Ceremony, the styling is great.

Chaaiir said...

Shes great, I tottaaaly love her style, photos.
And nice blog, by the way : )
Am going to come here often.

KISSES FROM www.female-creature.blogspot.com

Fantasy Candy said...

wow so nice pics.

we follow you hope u follow back.

Nicole✗✗ said...

Yeah she does have great style!!!

Thanks for stopping by my site. I'm following yours now!!

carina carvalhais said...

completely, i'm such in love with her style!


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