Bright Pink Pouty Lips!

Ever since the 80's neon craze was going around, bright pinks, oranges, greens, and yellows have been making it's way throughout the makeup world. Especially since the weather is beginning to warm up and summer is right around the corner, neon colors pop up everywhere from nail polish, to eyeshadows. I was always really scared to try crazy colors on my eyes and cheeks, which is why I usually resort to the classis bright pink lip! Generally speaking, if you're going for a really dramatic eye, I would stay away from the bright pink as it may detract from your look and be too much, but if you're going very natural, here are some tips to achieve that bright, summery, pink pout! This look can be perfect for any upcoming party, special occasion, or even prom!

Steps For Your Pink Pout:
1) To get a nice, smooth, and even base for your lips, exfoliate them! You don't need to go all crazy and buy a lip exfoliator.....a toothbrush will do just the trick. Take your toothbrush and run it under a little water, then rub it on your lips in gentle circling motions (you don't want to brush too hard because it can be slightly abrasive).
 2) After exfoliating, your lips may feel a little tingley, but don't worry, they are now super soft! You can now put on a little bit of chapstick or vaseline to smooth it out even more.
3) Next, get a lip brush or just any brush with a narrow tip and begin applying the color straight off the lipstick. Using a lip brush gives you a precise look and prevents messy smudging that normally happens when using just the lipstick itself.
4) If you made any mistakes take some makeup remover with a cotton swab and clean up any smudges. To make the look extra perfect, you can even use some concealer around to define your lips and create a clean shape. 
5) Now as for lip gloss, you can choose to either make a glimmering statement with some bright pink gloss, or you could keep it matte and simple without any. 

Extra Tips:
  • To make your lips look super pouty, put just a little bit of clear gloss in the center of your lips. It gives the illusion of really full, angelina jolie lips
  • For a touch a shimmer, you can add some shimmery pink eyeshadow or some minimal glimmer at the center of your lips
  • To highlight the shape of your lips, dab some white eyeshadow or use a little bit of highlighter on your cupids bow
  •  Try to not wear pink in your outfit...too much can detract from the makeup
  • I recommend pairing a bright pink lip look with some black eyeliner, some mascara, and highlighting along the cheekbones
 And don't forget to have fun with it! Hope this helps :)



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great tips!! love the photographs as inspiration! :D

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