Out of all the popular trends featured this spring, I would have to say that crochet is one of my favorites. As how lace became very popular last year, crochet is now one of the main focuses on the spring, feminine fashions. I know..at one point it was "grandma chic", but really..many high end designers are incorporating crochet in their spring/summer 2011 collections. It's quite divine to be honest! I once thought that just a little bit of crochet would go a long way (small embelishments, tiny vests, trimming) but I'm really loving the full crochet dresses like in Valentino's latest collection (last photo). As it is also featured on the hottest runway shows, it's also becoming a current streetstyle trend going along with a bohemian edginess! I absolutely adore crochet at the moment and I think it's so lovely that we can put the grandma thing aside and really incorporate it into today's fashion! I really want to learn how to crochet now....if only I had the time!!

 What do you guys think of this trend? Do any of you guys know how to crochet?



Katie said...

I saw some items in H&M today and lusted over some; esp a pair of shorts! Although I wouldn't be able to pull it off like some do, I think it works best on tanned skin!

Jasmin said...

oh i love crochet, i really want to learn to do it myself so i can make my own top! it's so beautiful and always reminds me of dreamy films such as the virgin suicides. so perfect for summer, and i love all the photos you've picked out x

Lau Figueiredo said...

love the trend.
and i wish i knew how to do it, would save lots of money :P


Nicole✗✗ said...

Gorgeous!! I Love the crochet look!

Sarah said...

i really love the laced up things wich look vintage.
nice post! and i also like your acne post! theyve got the most gorgeous stuff ever!


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