floppy hat

I love floppy hats and just hats in general because they can totally transform an outfit without even wearing anything special. You could pretty much be wearing a plain tee and skinnies, but with a cute fedora and you automatically will look super trendy and stylish. This photo is amazing in every single way; from the bike to the woman's outfit from head to toe. That floppy hat is to-die for.
If you're into hats, here are a few links that your wallett will thank you for:

photo via. stockholmstreetstyle


Lex said...

I love hats. I never really wear them but I always think I look amazing when I try them on. I think finding the perfect hat will be my goal for the summer.

Nicole✗✗ said...

Floppy hats are gorgeous!! I keep meaning to purchase one!!

AlbeeLucky said...

Thanks for the links on this post. I love a floppy hat :)

Anonymous said...

Hats look so cute in the summertime! I can't wait to find a really nice fedora! Thanks for the links!



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