layers & layers

 I've recently become obsessed with layering! Although we are in Spring, it sure isn't warm here yet, so I've been really into layering scarves over light knits and cardigans. I think just layering in general gives off a cool vibe than just having a plain old t-shirt on with shorts. Layering adds more dimension and definitely builds on style that you are trying to portray. If it's hot where you live, I say layer jewelry instead! Pair a bunch of chunky necklaces with a simple top and some clean white pants. You never really know what style you have until you really go all out, well in my case! I absolutely adore the styling in the last photo! 

Is it hot right now where you guys are? If it is...I'm super jealous!


Claudia said...

everything stunning!!!!!
nice blog xx

SC said...

Hu, need for escapism here in Belgium. No hotness. At all... :)

Joining the club. x

natasha {schue love} said...

Layering is essential...love the look and it allows me to transition my wardrobe! :)

Amira said...

I am in love with your wonderful blog! Great pics with Cate! Follow you) Follow me?


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