lazy monday morning

 photos above via. tumblr & weheartit

First monday of spring break, and I'm still super tired from the week! This week is going to be filled with a bunch of family gatherings around a seder table, lots of matzah ball soup, and my favorite; kosher for passover brownies! And no that was not being sarcastic in any way...I really do love the kosher for passover brownies, especially with the chocolate frosting mmm! A few random days, I'll probably go into Manhattan, preferably Soho, and take some snappies cause I have been lacking in the photography department lately. Hopefully I'll be able to see my friends a lot considering none of them went away to the Carribean or Bahamas (like they normally do). 
 I actually finished organizing the stuff in my drawers and closet, because I had papers and old class notes everywhere. I literally chucked out all my old stuff and kept some stuff for storage...ahh spring cleaning they call it. But, I finally made room for my books, which unfortunately were once stacked up on the floor in the corner of my room somewhere. The poor things were getting dusty and I have mild OCD about stuff just chilling on my floor. I don't really have enough wall space for a shelf, so I decided to clean out part of my closet and use it for my books. I think it looks pretty decent!  
 (From Top to Bottom: Wreck This Journal, Classy, Love and Summer, The Truth-Teller's Lie, Palo Alto, The Evening Dress, Fashion Illustrations, Manolo Blahnik Drawings)
(some textbooks, sat workbooks, flashcards, a curling iron, and more books shoved in the right-hand corner)

Anyways....time to go back to sleep...then for breakfast: Matzah with Chocolate Spread! 
 the joys to be bread free! (now that was sarcasm)

what are you guys doing for spring break? anyone celebrating Passover? Easter? Another holiday? :)


Michelle Lee said...

love your photos

Francesca said...

love this post girl! beautiful pics


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