light hues of vintage pink & nude lace

 Spring & summer has always been about the lightweight floral dresses, lace, and soft colors, but this summer I've been noticing a continuing trend of soft nudes, grays, and pinks! I thought at first that it was much of a fall trend, but apparently it's been carrying out throughout the year and is hotter than ever now! I'm really lusting for a nude leather min-skirt with scalloping or some sort of embroidery and a vintage styled dress like in the last photo!
I found some great vintage looking pieces that would be perfect for the warm seasons!



Sisters and Sisters said...

What a great inspiration!

And you blog is amazing. Do you like to follow eachother? It would be nice!

H&C from Amsterdam

Couture Carrie said...

Absolutely gorgeous post!
Especially loving the gingham pieces in the second pic!


P.S. Avant-Garb: what a fabulous name for a fashion blog ~ very clever!

SC said...

I'm very happy you stumbled upon my blog, hon. Also. YOUR blog ... I love lingering here :)

Def following.

Great inspiration.

Bisous x


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