March Favorites :)

Ahh...I think it's safe to say that New York's brutal winter is finally over. I mean it just wouldn't end with it's random outbursts of sleet and snow, but now the leaves are beginning to bud and the sun is finally shining.....and it feels great. Here are my favorite things during the lovely month of March! 

My first favorite thing of the month has to be beauty related. I've always been on the lookout for a really great exfoliator and body cleanser that can smooth and buff my skin of it's impurities and get rid of all the bumps and imperfections that I dare say....bacne. It's been a struggle having it, although it's really just a few bumps. I know there are many people out there who have it really hard and I think this will really help. I began mixing Epsom Salt (CVS $5), which comes in a huge package and lasts forever, with some regular Cetaphil cleanser on a loofah and using it as an exfoliator all over my body. Salt really works wonders that you wouldn't of imagined and I've used it only a few times and it's already working. Usually when you are supposed to exfoliate, it's recommended to only do it once a week, but I feel totally safe in using it every day because it's natural and gentle.  Sea salt has always been said to do wonders for the skin and it's as if I get that sea salt treatment every day for like $10. I highly recommend it for those with body acne or skin roughness!! Epsom salt is also said to help with reducing stress, alleving soreness after exercise, and bruises!

The next thing I really loved this month was Yoga!! Although I'm not an expert at it and every time I go I find myself the least flexible, it's beginning to become a main part of my exercise routines. It's not exactly what you think though...people normally think "oh they're going to make me put my foot behind my left earlobe and it's going to be so hard", but really it's not that bad. It's a great way to open up the tenseness in the muscles and relieve all the stress in your body. Also, I don't think I've ever focused so much on breathing and it really changes everything. There's a lot of deep breathing, stretching, and relaxing. It's also not like a strenuous workout, so you are getting a good exercise, but without all that stress added on to the muscles. I think everyone is capable of doing it and don't be intimidated by those experts if you try it out!!  :)

My third favorite of the month would have to be James Franco's book "Palo Alto". I was actually in Costco a few months ago looking in the book aisle when I found it and I was like "whaat...JF wrote a book???" When I got around to reading it I found it was actually a compilation of fiction short stories that were inspired by his high School in Palo Alto. I thought it was great and it's definitely a page turner!
 Btw....I hear he is becoming a professor at NYU! That would be pretty interesting having him as a teacher...maybe quite distracting as well haha

One other thing I really enjoyed this March was tumblr. I'm fairly new to the community and I just love everything so far! I have to say..the reblogging is pretty addicting and it's a great source of inspiration and learning. I think you can learn a lot about other people through tumblr and it's a great way to express yourself other than having a blogspot! Click here for my tumblr and here's a list of some of my favorites:
http://ffoodd.tumblr.com/ (I literally drool over this one)

what are your favorites from March? Oh and did you guys fool anyone yesterday?



The white cabbage said...

I'm living in Italy I'll try to find something like for the scrub!

nice idea.

come for a visit, and if you liike sign as follower ..I'll do back


original seed said...

i hope that james franco book is a picture book


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