OBSESSIONS +update (near death experience!)

My at the moment lust is for these suede toe pumps with a milky creme colored heel from  nelly and this beautiful purse from i don't know where. If anyone knows where this purse is from, let me know because I noticed an image of it on tumblr and I am just drooling!! 

As for the update, I haven't really posted one in a while and boy do I have stuff to tell you guys. Well the past few days have been all about getting ready for passover (jewish holiday for those of you who don't know) in my house. Usually its supposed to be really sunny and beautiful outside during spring break and passover because it's right in the middle of spring, but unfortunately NY has been  failing at producing sunlight. It's getting kind of annoying now, I mean come on dude...I don't have all year for it to become Spring and what is this global warming? Quite frankly, its more like global freezing. 

Anyways, as the weather keeps getting bipolar as it switches from 40 degree rainstorms to 70 degrees , my allergies and asthma slowly get worse. With all this going on, yesterday I was just chilling at home, blogging and whatnot where I felt kind of hungry (it was around 3:00 pm). I went to the kitchen where I ate a little bit of the food my mom was preparing for the following evening's seder. Then my brother gets home and begins eating a little bit of 'charoset', which is a special dish that is part of the passover seder (it's composed of pomegranate, different nuts, cinnamon, other spices). It was already established long ago that I'm allergic to wallnuts, so my mom didn't put it in the nutty mix, but she did however put hazlenuts. Now me and my brother, being quite curious, both decided to test some out on my arm to see if I was allergic to hazlenuts. Apparently I didn't scratch it into my arm enough to qualify as a true test, but I left it on and nothing really happened; So, I decided to eat some. Within a few minutes, I turned red, my lips and throat were very swollen, my eyes were like cherry tomatoes, and my heart was beating faster than a jockey on crack. I tried not to panic, but I was really scared and having both my epipen and benadryl both expired was not making things better. My brother then rushed to cvs and got me some benadryl where as it was taking time to do it's magic, I slowly was feeling lightheaded. I nearly fainted but I laid down to keep my consciousness. By the time the ambulence came, I threw up a few times (yeah I know gross) and I was shaking. It was an overall pretty scary experience and I got to go on a stretcher, which I never did before, not saying it was fun or anything. But, when I got to the ER, I got some asthma medication, I got to calm down a little, and watch some Friends (best show evarr)! Then I came home wooho!! 

It was quite an odd and frightening day, but I just thought I'd share! The weirdest shit happens to me sometimes and its fun telling people. Now I guess I can cross off going on a stretcher on my list of things to do before I die, but there was a moral to the story: if you have any food allergies, please carry an epi-pen with you wherever you go!

Hope everyone is all well! Stay healthy blogger dearests!



Sisters and Sisters said...

These shoes from Nelly are amazing!!

H&C from Amsterdam

mimi said...

i LOVE those shoes.
and dear so sorry about the nuts! that must have been so scary and so glad you are ok! phew.

i love hazelnuts though. that means you cannot even eat nutella


Shaina said...

Thank you so much for your caring words! I feel so much better now! And yes, I've never had nutella before, but I now I know not to haha!


Nicole✗✗ said...

LOVE those shoes!!

Lau Figueiredo said...

that must have been awful.hope you feel better.

as for your lust items, i wish i had them too, especially the shoes. Love them!



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