Spring/Summer Trend: Ombre Hair!

Rumi Neely

Jessica Biel
Rachel Bilson
Isabel Lucas
Alexa Chung
Drew Barrymore
Julia Roberts
 Hey Guys!! So..recently I've been noticing an on-growing popularity amongst many blogs and tumblrs on ombre hair...and excuse my language...but I friggin love it! It just adds a chic bohemian feel to an overall look and it looks straight-up edgy. I do however think that not everyone can pull it off quite well, me being included. It's one of those things that can seriously go all wrong or go all right, so I suggest going to either a professional or someone who absolutely knows what they're doing. If any of you have ombre hair or are planning on doing it, comment below, send me a picture, or tell me how it went!!! I'd love to see any of you in this new chic trend!

Also, what are your opinions on this trend? I know some people either think it looks boho fabulous  or others think that it looks like horrible roots gone mad scientist LOL! Feel free to leave your opinion!

Love you all! Hope you're having a happy Monday!



hannah said...

i love an understated ombre. julia robert's hair looks amazing!

thanks for checking out thefashionhash! lovingg your blog.



Julia Topaz said...

I think this is a really convenient trend! Because recently, girls have been encouraged to let their hair grow natural (natural color and natural waves, etc). So as our dyed hair is growing out, it kind of gives that ombre effect without really trying. My hair is kind of doing that (not as nicely as any of these photos haha ). Teika of Selective Potential's hair used to be like that, though I think it's grown out now. I really love this look!


Kirstie MariƩ said...

Thank you for your comments lovely!

I really like the ombre hair trend, it's refreshing to see something so versatile becoming a trend hair-wise however I think it depends on the person and their style as to how good it looks, I know I wouldn't be able to pull it off!


Meg said...

This are the best hair style of ever,congrats!I'm a new follower!Follow me back,if u like,on http://themissidea.blogspot.com/!

Lini Trinh said...

wow i'm just thinking about to color my hair like this. But it is too short :)

Susan said...

oh yes, so effortless yet lovely!


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