Tips for Finding the Right Shade of Lipstick!

Finding the right lipstick shade can be daunting when you're faced with a whole counter of ranging colors, but don't let that scare you. The first thing you must do to help figure out what shades best suit you, is to pick a day where you're not in a rush and visit your favorite beauty counter. From there you can learn how to test different colors and see which ones suit you more and look really flattering for future purchases. These are just some tips and guidelines! You don't necessarily have to follow them as in beauty and fashion there really are no rules, but if you're struggling to find a lipstick that is sophisticated and matches you, this is a good place to start.
  • According to Makeup artist, Bobbi Brown, the shade that generally flatters you the most is one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. When you go to your beauty counter, test a few out and see which ones are one or two shades darker. 
  • If you normally don't go to MAC, Chanel, Dior (etc.) and you generally opt for drugstore or supermarket lipsticks like at walmart, you know that most of the time there isn't a tester. Hold up the color of the shade on the box near your lips in front of a mirror (try to do so in sunlight). It's not the most accurate way, but you could always just say the lipstick gave you an allergic reaction and return it if it ends up not to your liking (works like a charm...they normally send it back to the manufacturer, so don't think that they're going to repackage it or anything like that..ew!)
  •  Now, when picking a red lipstick the whole pick two shades darker trick doesn't really work. To find an awesome lipstick, it's best to go based off of skintone. Pink Skinned girls should get cherry red, olive skin can wear fire-engine red, while those with darker skin look best in deep reds.
  • To pick the right nude color, keep in mind that you want to go relatively close to your natural pigmentation. Great blog-post on how to get your perfect nude color here!
  • To apply really bright and daring colors like hot pink, red, and orange, it's best to use a lipbrush!
  • To keep lipstick last longer, get a lipliner as a base and fill in your lips before using the lipstick.
  • If you find a lipstick you hate, try mixing it with other lipsticks you have. You can come up with a really great color just by mixing. To tone down bright lipstick, you could put a darker liner underneath.
  • Lipstick can also be used for cheek stains! If you find a really pretty rosy color, this can act as a blush! Perfect for spring-time or when you're just running out of the house!
Based on Skin Tone:
Women with Fair Skin look great in nudes in a slight apricot shade, light corals, and pinks. They should stay away from browns, because those can look drab!
 Women with Medium Skin look great in roses, mauves, and berries. To pick a nice red if you are Medium Skin toned, opt for a deep burgundy! 
Women with Dark Skin look great in in browns and purples. For daytime, try a light caramel shade, while at night time wear a deep plum or wine color!

Any questions you can message me or leave in the comments below!
hope this helped :)



AlbeeLucky said...

What a great post of helpful hints.

TimbarikaDoll said...

Ahh..this is great!! Funnily enough as I was walking down the street, I was thinking about getting a lipstick as I'd like to wear it more after seeing a women who always has lovely lipstick on, but I'm mixed, so not too dark skinned and not light either & often have troubles finding one I like, but this helped loads!! Hope you are doing well & having a sunny week :)) xx

Mia said...

Really really liked this post. Recently I'm loving trying out lots of different shades of lipsticks as I usually stick with smokey eye make up. Now following your blog x

Kasia said...

Wow! Very inspiring post!


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Really nice to discover your blog ! Inspiring pics !


Nicole✗✗ said...

Amazing tips!! Thank you! Great pictures!

Lau Figueiredo said...

great post!
i love that now we have so many colours to choose from.



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