Recently I've been obsessing over white. And not just a plain white t-shirt for the matter, but crisp white blazers, structured skirts, and delicate silk blouses. I feel like they're popping up everywhere all of a sudden as the weather started to get really warm.  But not only can a head-to-toe white outfit significantly make you stand out in a sea of black, but it also serves the perfect attire for the "white parties" that normally happen during the summer-time. I love a white pleated skirt or white flowy dress, paired with a skinny brown belt. Nothing says completely chic and completely aware of style than those two colors paired. 
I never really was a brown fan myself (as I pretty much don't own anything brown other than a purse), but I generally like to keep brown for my leather-ware, accessories, and shoes. Now when wearing brown with white, I've never thought I'd ever say how nice I thought it would look! From wearing brown brimmed aviators (like Isabel Lucas) to pairing a white maxi skirt with brown heeled litas, I never thought white could look any better!



Anonymous said...

love this! white is so classic!

oriwa said...

the girl in the last image is stunning. who is she?


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