I've been insanely obsessed with tribal prints and the whole bohemian trends that have been going on ever since coachella! It used to be something that I normally admired, but never really tried because I lacked the confidence in pulling off such trends! Now I'm beginning to embrace the whole maxi dress-belt-fedora type thing and hopefully it works out!

In the meantime, here are some awesome pieces Free-people came out with recently for May! Adore those leather shorts the most!



oriwa said...

totally with you!

love the prints coming into fashion on capes, shorts and a whole new variety of items not just maxis!

also all the hats are to die for.

love your blog and thankyou for the sweet comment. i am now following you xx

Angel Garcia said...

Free people is amazing! One of my favorite brands. I just wished they made clothes for men. That would be awesome..


Francesca Felix said...

love the first batch of photos!! i am pretty obsessed with tribal prints myself
if you cant find someone to take pics for you take them of yourself!! no harm in a self timer as long as the pics come out interesting!

Dana Lee said...

I'm obsessed with tribal too! I swear, I'm so sad because I'm too poor to afford any new clothes, haha :P
Free People have such nice clothes :)

Pieter said...

Love the leather shorts! x


Sisters and Sisters said...

Amazing photos!
Great post:)

H&C from Amsterdam


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