May Favorites!!

Well I know this is kind of early, but I vowed not to go makeup shopping or buying anything else for the rest of the month as I recently had a splurge-attack at MAC. Anyhow, haven't done one of these posts in a while as there generally wasn't anything I absolutely gushed over for an entire month. So, I decided why not do one earlier this month! Some of these items are not necessarily beauty related, but I find them the most fun! Anyways, what's so great about tinted-moisturizer? and this is what I shall start with..

My first favorite for the month of May would have to be MAC's SPF 15 Studio Moisture Tint (tinted moisturizer for those of you who don't speak MAC. Just kidding, I don't either I was just reading it off the plastic box) in shade medium. I really really love this tinted moisturizer because I am one to definitely go bare almost everyday. I usually just put on a daily aveeno moisturizer with SPF 15, then run out of the house for my classes, but this tinted moisturizer really comes in handy for those days where I break out or have redness and just want to look really put together. For me, this product is like a foundation because I don't have that huge of a problem with my skin (*knock on wood*) and putting on a foundation would be like getting a face transplant as nobody would probably recognize me. Anyhoo, it's great for the summertime when you need some light coverage and moisture (in my case all year), but it doesn't make your skin oily or drying. 
The next item I became completely obsessed with happens to be a MAC product as well (I know I know I went a little crazy this time at the counter...)! I picked up the MAC black gel eyeliner, which came in a little pot, but unfortunately no little brush. Thankfully I already had my own slanted eyeliner brush, but I've been seriously loving this product ever since I got it. Every time I had been looking for a good gel eyeliner I couldn't find anything, especially at my drugstore (my luck), so I resorted to MAC, which definitely tends to be pricier. For me, using a gel eyeliner is much easier than a pencil or liquid liner because you can still get a really precise line, without nearly poking yourself in the eye. I also have been doing a lot of winged-liner looks, so using gel with a slanted brush really helps achieve that kind of look!
My third item is something a lot of people either or either love, which happens to be Forever21 polishes. Generally speaking, when you think of buying a beauty item from there and you see how cheap it is, you know that it was probably cheaply made for a fraction of a penny in some run-down factory. However, I bravely decided to try out their nail polishes, being tempted as well while waiting in line to pay, and was pleasantly surprised. I'm not saying that their other beauty products are just as good because to be quite honest I'm terrified to try them out, but their nail polishes really surprised me in a good way. I picked up a baby pink, bright magenta, caramel nude, forest green, and plain base coat color. Unfortunately they don't really have amazing names for their colors like Essie or  OPI (well what do ya expect? It's f21 for crying out loud), but their website has a variety of different colors to choose from. I really loved the fact that they went on smoothly and stayed on for a a few days. They definitely need reapplying however if you want a week good lasting manicure. Furthermore, I would highly recommend applying it in a bathroom or somewhere with many open windows, as these polishes have a very harsh smell.
 get them here!
Out of all the other beauty items I contemplated putting in my favorites for this month I would have to say that hands down, Cetaphil facial cleanser will always creep its way back in. I have said this over and over again that getting a good facial routine starts by cleansing in the morning and in the night. But even more so than that finding a GOOD cleanser that doesn't leave your face flaky, dry, and gross is just as important. Cetaphil is my all time favorite cleanser! It doesn't leave my face dry or oily and it really cleans like it's supposed to. I wish I had one of those handy dandy expensive clairosonic gadgets that I can use my cetaphil cleanser with, but its really too expensive for me. To get similar results, I just use my Cetaphil cleanser and massage it onto my face to get the blood flowing. I think it's great and it really makes my face soft and clean without smelling like gross chemicals or anything like that. LOVE IT!
 This month hasn't really just been all about cleansing, putting on eyeliner, and being obsessed with MAC. I just started a new book called The Truth Teller's Lie, by Sophie Hannah, which I absolutely adore and I can't wait to find out what happens next! I don't want to spoil anything for those of you interested, but based on the synopsis, it's about this young stalker woman named Naomi who has a lot of secrets about her life and gets involved with a married man named Robert. One day, Robert disappears and Naomi must face the wife as well as the police. It's a thriller book that deals with her traumatic past and psychopathic ways of going about. I seriously can't put this book down and I'm dying to know what happened to Robert ! AHH! 
(before I ripped it out of my book-shelf)

 I couldn't refrain from putting this last one in my favorites list because it was oh-so tempting, literally! I have been seriously obsessed with Red Velvet cupcakes this month because of all the bake-sales that have been going around in my school. The white cream-cheese frosting, the soft and smooth texture, and the bright red color...to-die for! I think they're great for any charity bake sale event, birthday party, gift, or just dessert when nobody's looking (hehe). Here's a great recipe by Paula Dean that will surely get your mouth watering, as it just did to mine.

What were your favorites of this month? Did any of you have creepy obsessions with a dessert item like me?



Sam said...

Great post! I love the MAC gel eyeliner and the forever 21 nail polish!! They're great deals for sure! :)


Juliet said...

It makes me irritated that I can't get my hands on MAC here where I love. My obsession this month are magazines, working out and tanning!

Juliet xxx

Rene Braun said...

Amazing blog!!!! I 'm a new follower (bloglovin)
Come to visit my blog too :))



Francesca Felix said...

ooh that book sounds interesting! glad you posted about it.. never get enough of a good read. im officially in new york and yes the weather is soo drab!! hope it clears up! thanks for your comment :)

guns, babes and lemonade said...

So glad I stumbled across your blog missy! Followed :)

That MAC moisturizer sounds really lovely! I used to be a huge fan of MAC make up but I've sort of drifted from it the last year or two, may have to have a look at that product the next time I go shopping!



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