nasty obsessions

Well...I think almost every single time Nastygal comes out with a new lookbook of clothing, I immediately lust over new the new items for weeks! I know I said this before in the other lookbook with the American Flag Wildfox t-shirt, but I freaking adore this model! She is stunning and can pull off the edgy and soft shoots effortlessly! I think they had another model before that would always be wearing some bright colored lipstick and she was my favorite, but now I love this one (if anyone knows her name let me know! I feel bad calling her "this one")! 
Here are my nastygal obsessions at the moment and somehow a majority of them have lace (I guess I'm in a girly kind of mood):

Scalloped Lace Dress  >this one reminds me of Isabel Lucas



Mia said...

I want to buy everything from nastygal. It would help if I looked like one of the models though! x

Fashion Tidbits said...

I know!!! She's sooooo gorgeous!


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