RAFW 2011

photos via.  ohjamiestylestalkeroraclefox, and vogue 

The delicate silk blouses, the bright pastel pinks/blues/oranges, the jewel adorned booties, and the head-toe matching separates had me head over heels after seeing photos from the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. I think after seeing much of these photos on some of my favorite blogs, I really noticed how much I'm so pumped for summer. I loved everything at Miss Unkon, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Arnsdorf, and Friend of Mine. The colour palette at Arnsdorf was absolutely divine as it featured mint green (my fave at the moment!) from head-to-toe. Alexandra Spencer's styling of the talon claw detailed bootie for Friends of Mine swooned me over, not to mention those cropped tops that I hope I can pull off by June. Thank you Aussie bloggers for keeping me up to date! Loved everything!!



Lori said...

awesome photos- i love the sunglasses in the first pic and all of the shoes!

...look closer

beesandbugs said...

Oh, those photos are awesome, they're such an inspiration! :)

Lee Oliveira said...

RAFW was definitely amazing.. I enjoyed all the shows.
Great shoes.
Lee x

SC said...

Yè, the 2n shot is just OH!

I'm so so so happy I've found your blog x

Little Rus said...

I really love the footwear. So gorgeous. x

Lau Figueiredo said...

awesome photos!! love the boots from the third photo.
i'm going to start to pay attention to australian fashion :)



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