shoe shine

I find it odd that out of the hundreds of little cute kitten or puppy videos I've watched in my entire life on youtube, this shoe-shining tutorial still manages to be my favorite. When my brother first showed it to me, I at first thought it was going to be some boring video that I didn't really have the patience for, but it put me in some kind of trance that was actually quite soothing. The fact that nobody is speaking and the only thing you can hear is the sound of a brush rubbing against the leather, makes it even better than just a regular tutorial. I don't know if this will sound strange in any way shape or form, but I felt a suspense every-time the camera would zoom out and he would pick up a new polishing utensil. My favorite part would had to have been the ending, where he ties the laces effortlessly then shows off the final product. Not one word spoken throughout the entire word makes it awesome! Who knew that something so simple as a shoe shine can be so relaxing?

comment below your thoughts!

by the way....are any of you still experiencing blogger issues? My posts somehow magically doubled and a bunch of comments got deleted. Sorry if you left a comment and it got erased!! Love you all and I can't wait until this issue gets resolved!


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Lau Figueiredo said...

I got issues too, one post was deleted, now magically appeared again but with no comments, hope that's resolved now.



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