another summer day

It has been beginning to dawn on me that I still have absolutely no plans for the summer yet. While most of my friends always end up finding a job at a camp or end up going on an extremely fun teen tour, I always find myself stuck in the middle not knowing what to do. Well, a teen tour is generally out of the question, but I've always wanted to travel over seas to Paris, Italy, or Spain. But, knowing that there isn't enough money for a trip of that nature and college applications are right around the corner, the word "internship" sprang up in my mind. The only thing is, I don't know where or what kind of internship I want let alone being able to find one. So...I'm just typing away at my computer on this lovely Sunday...hopefully I find something. I was thinking about finding a magazine internship in Manhattan or maybe taking some art classes. I'm slow :/

Anyways...what are you guys doing this summer? I'm sure none of you are in as much of a pitiful predicament as me.


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KizzyDoll said...

No idea what I will do this summer. I just hope there will be sun and plenty of it!! I never know what I will do, I never make plans. Always decide on the last minute. I hope you figure out what you will do and enjoy!! Have a great monday!! x


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