MUSE 2010

 Yuri Pleskun & Eniko Mihalik by Max Farago
I know I haven't been posting lately, but I just finished all of my exams and I recently went through a tumblr obsession that started making me almost forget about my blog! Anyways, I'm back and here to stay and I came across a bunch of male editorials that I absolutely fell in love with. This ed for Muse's July 2010 issue featured Yuri Pleskun & Eniko Mihalik photographed by Max Farago. I really love this shoot not only because of the black & white, but mainly because the two models just look so awesome together. It looks so effortless and as if they're best friends. I usually don't like the a lot of co-ed shoots because often they're so dolled up and so sexualized that the photos are just so fake-looking. However, this is pure beauty and I love every single aspect of it!

what do you guys think of co-ed shoots? I feel like they're quite hit or miss!


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