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playlist of the day:

Les Artistes- Santogold
Rolling in the Deep- John Legend
The Kids Don't Stand A Chance- Vampire Weekend vs. Miik Snow
Catholic Pagans- Surfer Blood
Walk This Way- Run DMC
Sympathy For the Devil- The Rolling Stones
Dance The Way I feel- Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
It's My Life- No Doubt
Squeeze Me- Kraak and Smaak
Raining- Kaskade
Monster- Kanye West
Black Hell- Danzig

I really love the last song! I actually became obsessed with it because it was one of the songs on the Hangover 2 movie soundtrack!  I really liked the soundtrack for that movie. In my opinion I thought it was a let-down although most sequels usually are. The jokes were pretty much the same but in different context and setting. I did however enjoy the smoking monkey, I found myself laughing at those scenes with the monkey the most. hahaha Comment below your thoughts about the movie.  I'd love to hear your opinions!

Hope you enjoy!



StyleCandy said...

This is amazing. those shoes are amazing. i really like your bog. you've got some incredible inspiration.


Sydney said...

love the shoes and the sweater!!


Lau Figueiredo said...

the shoes are amazing!love jeffrey campbell.

and the whore teacup is great.


Amelia said...

that final picture is the definition of simple perfection. The soft pink hues of the jar and the sky are just beautiful. Love your blog!xxx



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