Model: Ashley Smith
Photographers: Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello 
Publication: Numero

In my opinion this is probably one of the best editorials of the year! Ashley Smith is so breathtaking and stunning in these shots as she always looks. However, I always try to pick out something that could of been better in most editorials and that is the styling. The shot with the lace top is superb, but the other outfits are very plain, nothing extravagant. With that being said, I do still think that to make the hair pop yet keep a mysterious subtelty, the clothes have to be low-key. Not only that, but the lighting that is slightly dimmed as if the sun is about to rise, gives it that mysterious vibe. Really love the scenery with the peaking ocean shore. I think this editorial is really beautiful and Ashley pulls off the hair effortlessly.

what do you guys think about this editorial?

(by the way, I think Ashley is going to be my next model-of-the-moment! she is amazing!)


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