simple rosie on the go

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

 The simplest of outfits can sometimes be the chicest and most sophisticated. Rosie is sporting a very casual look with army green skinnies, a knit creme sweater, some nude flats, a black wide brimmed fedora, and a chocolate leather duffel. This outfit is neutral from head-to-toe and for some reason it really works because the colors aren't pasty enough to wash her out. I love the hat first off. If it wasn't for the hat, her outfit would actually be quite plain and boring, so props Rosie! Love the fedora!

This look is also super easy to recreate! Here's my idea of the look on a more reasonable level:

Rosie's jeans are by Jet Jeans, which you can get from singer22  for around $150 but, I'd rather stick with these: UOGAPF21 .....not to mention H&M (I wish they had a shopping site)

Sweater Picks: UO, UOASOS (pricey, but so cute), F21
Nude Flats: ASOS, ASOS 
Bag: UO, UO (doesn't look like rosie's, but I'm in love), F21
Fedora: modcloth, UO



Sydney said...

love how she's always pulling off a hat!


TimbarikaDoll said...

looks relaxed and great. Love the tonal colours :) xx

Henar said...

Aww, this is lovely,
I loved it!

Henar ♥


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