teenage dirtbag

Playlist of the Weekend:

Teenage Dirtbag- Wheatus 
Don't Panic- Coldplay
Dream On- Aerosmith
Mercy- Duffy
Heart of Chambers- Beach House
Revolution- The Beatles
London Calling- The Clash
Massage Situation- Flying Lotus
Voodoo Child- Jimi Hendrix
My Iron Lung- Radiohead

Hey babes! What's been going on? I've recently been obsessed with tumblr as you can see by my lack in posting because it is super addicting!! If any of you have a tumblr link, put it in the comments below so I can check you out!!

here are my two tumblrs: deepshit, fuckyeahrosiewhiteley




alexandra said...

cool playlist!
i like your tumblr :)

alisha said...

I love searching through tumblr too, such an easy way to waste a day. I love these collection of pictures, grunge and rock n roll style will just always be cool no matter what.



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