Model (and blog) of the Moment: Olivia Lefebre

Photos via. katherineisawesome

I recently have gotten into the habit of logging onto to tumblr and sitting in front of the computer screen for hours, blogging. Maybe it's a sickness? Maybe it's a disease? I like to call it purely chronic boredum disorder. However, besides some of the caddy-ness that exists amongst the anonymous messages that many popular fashion bloggers get, and despite the notion that tumblr wasn't what it used to be, I still know in my best interest to disregard all of that. I in return, found a bunch of really awesome blogs full of art and inspiration that I enjoy looking at, not to mention the sweetest people running them. And to top it all off, I began to discover many models that aren't so well-known or what you call "up and coming". One being, Oliva Lefebre, a New Zealand model for Katherine and her awesome blog (no pun intended). As I found a stunning shot of her bare, perfect skin in a boyish-like outfit (photo above), I couldn't help but want to figure out who she was and who the photo was by. 

Next thing I knew, I remembered this whole new concept to me that google came out with, where you could just drag a photo into their search engine and bam. You got your source. And there it was- katherineisawesome. I seriously love this chick's photography and sense of style and taste. Not to mention her shots of Olivia and the outfits she puts her in. But anyways, I'm deeply interested in this model's career and where it will go! I seriously know in my heart that she will go far and I really hope so! Keep your eyes peeled.

and those freckles she has are perfect.


Marissa Joy said...

Shes so pretty, but looks so young!

StyleCandy said...

She is way too gorgeous. so cool. i lllooovvvee the first picture. MY GOD! i want her to go far! love the blog!


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