July (it's over)

Photographer: James Nelson
Models: Laragh Mccann & Dominic Broadhurst
Fashion: Ruby Heery
Hair & Makeup: Anya Fransman
Publication: Oyster Magazine: Oyster Daily

As you may know, Oyster Magazine's Daily section had model and actress, Sophie Lowe, the debut of last month's fashion. Every day she would have the most lust-worthy outfits (see here) and she'd have crazy people like me envying her beautiful wardrobe. Now Irish model, Laragh Mccann and Tortoiseshell guitarist, Dominic Broadhurst have hit the scene and have joined forces for Oyster Daily. Before mentioning the fact that they are superb in front of the camera, I must say in my most childish mindset that they look adorable together *giggles*! 

Now as for the shots, James Nelson has always been a favorite of mine! I love the plain colorful backdrops for each type of look. I find myself in particular in love with the forest-green background because of how pretty her chocolate brown hair pops against it. In addition to that, the styling is perfect. I love the mixing of different textures and colors to give an over-all quirky effect.
I guess since I haven't really done a monthly favorites post in a while, I may add that Oyster Magazine's daily section certainly has been taking up much of my history.


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