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Well...It's been a heck of a time flying out to L.A. for two weeks and leaving my family, friends, and beloved blogs behind. From trekking Yosemite Park to ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the gorgeous waterfalls, I seriously have come to learn two things: 1. sunblock is so extremely important and 2. shopping is overrated. And I say shopping is overrated with a different outlook because well I am a fashion blogger. In all truth, it is great to get away from everything and enjoy vacation even if it means spending some money, but I have come to learn that the finest things in life aren't just Proenza Schouler shoulder bags and Miu Miu sunglasses. There is nature and beauty surrounding us all (ugh, I sound so corny right now), but it's about time we stopped and looked around. Just visiting that place, even if it was for one day, enlightened me and forced me to realize that life sure is awesome and extremely beautiful. There comes a point in a fashion blogger's materialistic driven life, where he/she comes face to face with something like that and forces him/her to look at things differently. While there, I began to prioritize my time and spend it wisely. I remember visiting California last year and visiting a bunch of malls including the famous outdoor Grove mall, and honestly finding myself having more fun at Magic Mountain. What I'm really trying to say is that there are malls everywhere! One can visit the mall at home any time he/she wants to, but you can't bring Yosemite Park with you, as there is only one Yosemite Park. I decided to hold off the shopping and resist the urge of buying a few tops from forever 21 because I knew it would be kind of a waste of money. Why spend money on objects that only last a few moments and capture the slightest memory in your head when you can be amongst the tallest and oldest trees in the universe, breathing the cleanest air, and taking photographs till your fingers hurt. That's the rush and the feeling you get, well at least I did, when I saw the Sequoia trees, instead of the little twitch when purchasing a new blouse. 

That doesn't mean I was a complete nature freak while staying there. Quite frankly, I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation this time visiting there than all the previous times I visited California. I took a three day tour with my mother, aunt, and two cousins, and we visited Carmel, Solveng (which was a cool Denmark inspired village), Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Yosemite. San Francisco had to have been my favorite though, for the nostalgic feeling I got sensing its New York City vibe. Some people even go so far as to call it a "Mini-Manhattan", and I must agree that it has that city feel to it. I found myself indulging more in that part of the tour even though I just ranted to you people about how much I fell in love with Yosemite's nature escape. If I were to give any recommendations for anyone visiting California, this is how it would go:

If you're into nature, visit:
  • Twin Peaks (highest point in San Francisco, with a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous view of the entire city)
  • Yosemite Park ( I would even recommend staying there for a week as it is pretty large. Visit the large sequoia trees and if you're a daredevil, hiking and water-rafting should go on your list, just be careful as many accidents have happened there recently) 
  • San Andreas Fault
  • Lake Tahoe, Lake Shasta, Mono Lake
If you're into relaxation and shopping, visit:
  • Carmel, Malibu and Venice Beach (on the boardwalk at Venice, don't let the medicinal marijuana shops scare you as you will find many stands for henna tattoos, jewelry, and feather extensions)
  • Santa Monica Place Mall, Topanga Mall, The Grove Mall
  • Melrose Avenue (a lot of vintage shops and grundge inspired clothing stores)
  • Santa Barbara Pier and Santa Monica Pier (awesome views) 
Other places:
  • Magic Mountain (six flags of California)
  • Universal Studios
  •  Disney Land 
  • Hollywood Bowl
Read this article for a bunch of other places to visit, if you're planning on visiting California!

Disclaimer: I am still doing fashion posts guys, this does not mean I am never shopping again!


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