autumn leaves and cashmere sleeves

As you may know by now, Autumn happens to be my favorite season of the year and not just for the practical reasoning that New York winters are brutal and summers are boiling, but also for the main focus of this blog, fashion. Autumn is always going to be that time of the year where people stock up on new sweaters, jackets, scarves, and ultimately go trend-crazy! In the fashion-calendar, fall is essentially the start of a new year, full of new trends and not to mention Fashion Week (my heart stops just thinking about it). It is that time of the year that fashionistas look forward to, and I just get so excited when it comes around. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanuka (me!), Kwanza!- The feeling of curling up to some hot cocoa by a fire-place in a cozy chair, the feeling of seeing your breath amidst the crisp air, the snowball fights that ruin your hair, the dark nail-polish you always share, the knee-high boots you wear, and even more so the fact that you don't need nair (hehe)! I'm getting so thrilled at the thought of layered clothing right now and I just needed to make a post relative to Autumn/Back to School fashion! Here are my favorites!

Here's an outfit I would totally go for! It includes a mix between neutrals, color, and compensates the not-too-hot-not-too-cold weather of Autumn!

3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2011 RTW
Jason Wu Fall 2011 RTW

To see more fall 2011 RTW collections click here!



chelsea.jade said...

My gosh those alexander wang boots are amazing!! I'm so looking forward to filling my wardrobe for autumn winter :)

Chelsea x

Dressed and Eaten said...

Great post. It all looks so good! In the southern hemisphere we have just about had it with winter. However, seeing your post may just change it.

KizzyDoll said...

These pieces look great!! I love this kind of dressing!! xx


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