DIY-grundge phone

I've recently succumbed to my grunge temptation. I feel like in everyone's life at some point they've gone through some sort of dark age where they didn't really fit in or they just started listening to heavy metal. Well, I was never the hot-topic marilyn-manson type of person but back in my freshman year of high school, I just loved the way studs and spikes looked on everything. Soon, it became an obsession of mine when I actually bought a pack of studs and started thinking of DIY projects I could do with them. Then, suddenly they actually came in style and I began to feel upset because as a trend is born the death is often waiting right around the corner. I always liked being the type person who would set trends (as self-conceited regina-george as that sounds). I feel like everyone has there area that gives them a super confidence boost whether it be in sports, art, music, etc, but that is secretly one of mine; setting fashion trends. I like being first and I hate it when a trend gets over-done. 

And now I'm going to present to you something quite different as I finish my ramblings; a studded cell-phone case. 

Here's how to make one:
  1. Get a package of studs (here), a glue-gun, and a silicone case
  2. Set your case down and glue the back of each stud onto the case
  3. Let your masterpiece dry
  4. and you're done!



VLM. said...

What an amazing phone case, I'm loving what you did with the studs! I just came across your blog and it's great. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know, or follow me and I'll follow back!
xoxo, Veena <3


Lau Figueiredo said...

Love it! It's great...I want one too :P



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