This Week's Blogger Crushes!

Liz from lateafternoonblog !
She is so funky and isn't afraid to mix & match different prints and colors! Although I only discovered her a few days ago, I am OBSESSED with her blog!

 Natasha from paperyvisions!
Adore her vintage looking photographs and her over-all edginess! She also has a wicked sense of humor and seems very down-to-earth!

Betty from leblogdebetty!
She never fails to impress and can make and simple outfit look completely sophisticated and classic. I love the scenes in all her OOTD photos; she looks like she is in a new country every time!

Yara from thischicksgotstyle!
Love her versatility when it comes to styling and the fact that she can make a simple pair of jeans look killer, not to mention her lust-worthy shoe and bag inventory! I always get excited when she posts something new!!

Link your blog bellow and I'd be happy to check it out! I love finding new people to follow! Who are your blogger crushes at the moment?



Natasha said...

Oh my gosh, this is so sweet! Totally made my day reading this. Thank you so much!

Shaina said...

awww haha yay! I'm glad! Your blog is so awesome :)


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