Male Actor Radar: Josh Kloss

Sorry if I lost you there for a moment. But who is this extremely good-looking guy? 

Well besides debuting in Katy Perry's music video for Teenage Dream and debuting alongside Kim Kardashian in the Sketchers super-bowl commercial, he is a musician as well as an actor (who also appeared in a bunch of episodes of The O.C). And if you already couldn't guess he has been modeling for agencies, Red NYC and Pinkerton LA. He's been photographed for Kurv Magazine, Grazia Magazine, as well as GQ! Not to mention the many campaigns he has done including Haute Look, Impetus, Civil Society, and Pal Zileri.

any thoughts?


Candice said...

what a babe! i'd actually never heard of him before today.


areana senoj said...

Josh Kloss, and ex boyfriend of Katy Perry... Stunning.
I've always been ogling him for a while.
Brings to mind what J.R.Ward's Tohrment might look like (well to me at least)


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