New Trend: The Aztec print!

As it almost always goes in style in the summer-time, tribal prints and wild, vibrant colors and shapes often make their mark in the trend-world. This summer for example, bold tribal prints and cool geometric shapes made their way onto tops, dresses, shorts, and even heels! However, this fall a new form of tribal-esque prints are in style and that is the Aztec print. The Aztec print involves geometrical shapes, most commonly triangles stacked up above and beneath each-other in addition to horizontal as well as vertical lines. 

I really love the fact that this what was once thought to be a "summer" trend can instantly transition into Fall and Winter pieces, like sweaters, scarves, ponchos, hats, hoodies, etc. I think the look is totally edgy and fun, not to mention fashion-forward! When I think of geometric shapes a harsh lines, I think of abstract art and a modern-contemporary type of fashion, which is quite ironic considering the Aztecs lived as long ago as the 14th century.

Now, when going about styling an "aztec-ian" (making up words here) article of clothing, keep in mind a few tips:

1. Keep Things Simple: I know when one sees an awesome tribal-printed poncho and thinks "oh that would look great with my feather earrings and fringed moccasins." You're not Pocahontes, despite the fact that she was from Virgina. But, what is important to keep in mind is that when wearing a loud Aztec-printed piece, it's great and all to match different tribal inspired items, but that essentially comes off as costume-y! By all means, you could incorporate it into a halloween "pocahontes" costume, but on an everyday basis, lets try to keep things fresh, modern, and fashion-forward. A basic white tank and some dark wash skinnies would look very put together with an "aztec-ian" cardigan!
2. Mix up Trends!You're probably thinking "What? Wouldn't that be trend-overkill?" Trends come and go and things always go in and out of style, but it's a great thing to mix and match older items in moderation in order to add visual interest to an outfit. Don't be afraid to pair your last-season combat boots, anorack, and chain-jewelry. Adding a touch of toughness and militaristic style looks cool!

3. Utilize Texture: Leather, Suede, Sherpa, Wool, and faux fur look great with the Aztec print. 

4. Accessorize: Try a black leather cross-body bag or a chunky wool scarf!

here are a few ways I would wear this lovely trend!

Outfit #1:
YSL La Laque No 142 in Ultra Orange

Outfit #2:

Outfit #3:




Lau Figueiredo said...

cool outfit ideas with the aztec print. like the first one the best :)


DREAMY said...

where o where was piccie 6 from? i'm intrigued by the unusual styling!

Shaina said...


urban-outfitters! :)


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