An update & this week's tumblr mood board!

This week's tumblr mood board culminates different angles of the face, typography, as well as a mix of street-style! For more of my daily inspiration, you can visit my tumblr! I just recently reached 1000 followers on it, which was quite exciting, but I'm always looking for new blogs and people to keep in touch with! Leave your blog in the comments below and I'll check it out :)

Now as for my weekend, things weren't as relaxing as I'd hoped. The overwhelming work load from school as well as the desperation I had to actually finish my work had nearly caused me to go into a nervous breakdown. That coupled with a stomach ache that has recently been preventing me from eating everything I'm used to eating...not a pretty picture. Don't be alarmed though, after visiting the doctor and taking some over-the-counter chalky-artificial tasting medicine. Now I've become much better as I do think that some of it was partially due to nerves. Anyhoo...here's my weekly playlist! 

I've packed it this time with some great ear-soothers...

Marconi Union-Weightless
Flying Lotus- Slow it Down
Fiona Apple- Criminal
Hannah Trigwell- Electric Feel (MGMT Cover)



Audrey Leighton said...

that eyeball watch would be so great for halloween!!


Lena said...

So cool ! I love the jacket with sequins ! xoxo

Angela said...

Les photos sont superbes! J'adore!Biz

Angela Donava

Poppy said...

Gorgeous photos!
Poppy xx

.sabo skirt. said...

Lovely inspirations! We liked that metallic top paired with skirt. The glowing effect of the metallic top creates a stunning effect on her look. Very pretty!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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Twins said...

Lovely selection!! So much nice stuff!
Thanks for your comment on our blog, we love yours!! It is so coooooool! We follow you via google friend! xx


Twins said...

and bloglovin too!!! ;-)


Dee O. said...

Here is my blog, i really like the photographs in this blog



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