Monthly Favorites!

(photos: mine)

I know...I have a crinkly bed!
But I've been wanting to make a post on my favorite items of the moment/month, just because I haven't done one in a while! As you probably know already, I've been loving the new aztec print trend for this fall and winter, so I picked up this warm aztec printed shawl/scarf, which caught my eye at a local forever21, that I'm so ecstatic to layer with. This coupled with some major winter dryness prevention; I took the liberty of getting a good lip-blam (EOS in Summerfruit) and daily moisturizer (Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel) in advance.  On my eyes, I've been pairing these lovely charcoal, gray, and black shades out of a $5 Maybelline Shadow Quad. And then my two life-savers (figuratively and literally): the Iphone 4S and my Albuterol Inhaler. The inhaler has been working wonders for me since my asthma tends to act up when the weather drastically changes, so quite a nerdy monthly faves item, but a true necessity! I must say that I think I made a pretty good decision making the switch from blackberry to iphone...I feel as though everything is more organized and it almost feels like a mini-planner book. But on the topic of planners, I was on the search for a month planner and I checked out tjmaxx, which I must say has a really good selection of stationary, books, and home-goods. And while I was looking, I stumbled upon a nifty thrifty 500 page book full of The Sartorialist's street-style candids. I was taken aback since it was a tjmaxx, but I quickly put it in my basket and was squealing of joy on the inside. There is a difference in feelings when you have an entire book of looks rather than just flipping through a blog archive. Just like the blog, it is just chock full of inspiration and I know I'm going to be flipping through it on those days when "I have nothing to wear!"
how are my bloggers doing? what are some of your monthy faves?



The Dainty Doll's House said...

Great items :)) xx

.sabo skirt. said...

Yeah! This post is pretty wonderful!

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Is This Real Life? said...

Oh i am in LOVE with your scarf/shawl it looks so beautiful and the perfect pattern too!


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