Winter Wishlist!

 Whether it be Hanukkah and Christmas-time,  making snow angels, or sitting all bundled up at a Starbucks, many people have their own personal reasons for loving winter so much. I mean despite New York's wind and snow combination can be quite brutal in late December and January, the feeling of cozying up on a snow-day to some on demand movies, a fluffy blanket, and some hot cocoa and marshmallows gives me reason to love winter so much. Or even better, that child-like feeling you get when you awake to see a white sparkly blanket covering the neighborhood lawns and just hearing little bells jingle in your ear. 
Even though I am Jewish and I don't celebrate Christmas, I just love the fact that this time of the year is so festive and family oriented, bringing people close to each other. Coming from a big family, being close to eachother is so important to me and I wish you all a happy, safe, and beautiful winter (no flu)!
....now as I get off topic...I just wanted to say that one of my favorite parts about winter is the shopping (who am I kidding I could shop every day of the year). But I feel as though winter-shopping is more enjoyable to a certain degree. Besides having the fun of shopping for holiday gifts, there's the fun in shopping for boots, scarves, coats, blazers, and sweaters. For outfits, you can layer more and create chic outfits all just from knit-wear. 

...so here's my winter wish list:
  1. A Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf-(Gap, Nordstrom, UO, Forever21)
  2. An Oversized Holey Sweater-(UO, Lulus, Forever21, Modcloth, Nastygal)
  3. Legwarmers- (Forever21, UO, Wetseal, Lorisshoes)
  4. An Aztec-printed Cardigan-(Lulus, Loveclothing, Nastygal, UO)
  5. Pleated Maxi-Skirt- (Dillard's, UO, Asos, Anthropologie, Missselfridge, Topshop)
 what's on yours?



The Dainty Doll's House said...

Fabulous wishes!! I hope you get them :) x

Jerome C. said...

wow, love it! great picture qualities!!! impressive <3

nice blog btw, i'm following you now!
hope you Follow me back :)
Thanks in advance!


Jerome C. said...

followed you now <3

hope you follow back dear!!!



Wida said...

Yes please to the chunky sweater!!

May I suggest making your font a little bit bigger? It kind of hurts my eyes to read it :P

Missing Amsie Blog

briannelee said...

Oooo, so cozy!

Kasia M said...

Cool wishlist! I bought something similar to these socks today ;)

Whitney Soup said...

oooo <3 the socks!


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