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Photographer, Alice Rosati, captures the day in the life of Dovile Virsilaite for Forget Them Magazine, featuring a luxurious array of fur coats (hopefully fake), leather hot shorts, and lacy tops. I find that it's often hard to mix a modern edginess with a classic, feminine look because they're both two separate worlds. But, Alice manages to make it work as Dovile captures both worlds with the kind of eclecticism that makes her fun, fierce and feminine all at once. Her poise and mysteriousness, not to mention those green eyes give these shots an innocence amidst all the sexy lace, animal printed leotards, and leather onsies. It all just works.

*want those leather shorts in the last photo!


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Vale ♥ said...

Amazing pics ! Love the look, so stylish and everything is just flawless ! Kisses

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