Henrietta Hellberg

By: Lena Modigh

I guess it's probably the one-length, middle-parted, rapunzel-esque locks that make Henrietta Hellburg so mysterious. Along with her hair, her long limbs and natural, angelic face make her alluring yet sweet. I was contemplating whether or not to post both editorials, but I just couldn't choose between the two. Henrietta is just so beautiful and with even the most simplest, calmest of expressions, she is able to convey a variety of different emotions in the photographs. It makes sense though that she is just a natural born talent and she is very natural in front of the camera: no stiffness, very relaxed and elegant. 

I think what also drew me to these two editorials was the subdued coloring and scenery. In Sam's, there's this rushed-city-life going on behind Henrietta and its almost as if she's this lost girl in the middle of New York. I can't get over the angles. Her profile-view is perfection. 
Then in Lena's photos, Henrietta is alone, motionless (even though they are photographs), and portrays this sadness and longing just by slightest parting of her mouth or half-shut eye lid.

She is so so beautiful. I'm so happy to have come across her. Makes me want to grow my hair even longer...if only my hair was that smooth.



Reptilia said...

Hey! thanks for your comment!

She's gorgeous and her hair is pretty amazing!

Love your blog! Following you! it would be cool if you follow back!



Nikita said...

she's so beautiful and these pictures are so lovely

xx Nikita


Tatiana and the Deathly Fashion said...

So nice... She is mysterious, totally love the pictures!

Rachel Danielle W said...

beautiful photos! thanks for sharing

following your awesome blog! hope you check out mine and follow back if you like:)


Anonymous said...

Love her! These photographs are so beautiful!


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