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Current Playlist:

Amy Winehouse- Fuck Me Pumps
Empire of the Sun- We are the People 
Nicole Simon- Haunt You
Nouvelle Vague- Dance With Me
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool- Dance the Way I Feel
 Milk & Sugar & Vaya Con Dios- Hey (Nah Neh Nah)
Amy Winehouse- He Can Only Hold her

  1. Learn how to make the most amazing peppermint mocha or cinnamon hot cocoa anyone has ever tasted (or at least pretty close to that)
  2. Read Lolita By Vladimir Nabokov (Never got around to it, but always see it on peoples' top favorite novels)
  3. Remember to cross off days on my calendar (I always remember when the month is over and it makes time frighteningly speed by me)
  4. Find a new backpack and declutter my current one.
  5. Try the new Urban Decay Naked II Palette (Heard that they now have more matte finishes! Score!)
  6. Meditate.
Happy Tuesday. Hope your weeks are all going well!



le rockandrouge said...

love fran├žoise hardy, her beauty, her style, her music!

Cara said...

beautiful inspirations!
xo Cara

Don't Think Twice said...

awesome pics! the underwear of the last pic is really lovely, i want itttt!

xx, Rachel.

Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Beautiful pictures. I am following you. <3<3


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