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Knitwear is definitely a staple for the colder months, however they're sometimes tricky to style. Often, I find myself trying to layer my knitwear in a way that keeps me warm but doesn't turn me into an Eskimo. Sometimes too much layering can really be uncomfortable under an already-thick winter coat or jacket. So when dealing with knitwear in the winter, here are a few tips to keep in mind: 
  • Try pairing your chunky cardigans with a belt. Skinny or wide, depending on your taste, a belt can really elongate your look and define your waist.
  • Under a chunky cardigan, wear a thin blouse or long sleeve shirt. Having thin layers make it easier for you to alternate between looks. Perhaps the heater is on at work and you're beginning to work up a sweat; it's good to have layers so you can deal with harsh outdoor and indoor temperatures.
  • If you're feeling drained and you're having one of those "I have nothing to wear" days, try pairing one of your knit sweaters with a scarf. Maybe a scarf in a bright color or an interesting pattern, regardless, your look will instantly look like you put more effort into it. The good thing about a scarf: it keeps you warm and looks good! 
  • Now for those uber-fashionistas: there's been something I've been noticing a lot lately and that's removable collars. Recently, designers have been making these collars with all different kinds of prints and embellishments: some completely studded, some made of lace, and others made of sequins. They just make the look more sophisticated and modern, although there is an old-school-girl sentimentality in wearing them. I love these: Akira $39; Asos $27; Dannijo $318.
Stay warm!



love the first photo. your blog is amazing!

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Fabliha said...

All of these outfits are amazing! I am loving your blog!



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