Yeah they're pretty much in again. 
I've always been a fan of sequins ever since they became a new years eve and holiday staple. But instead of a tight-fitting sequined dress or tank-top, this year is all about doing things major. Although I do appreciate and still love sequined mini-dresses and mini-skirts, try a sequined maxi-skirt or hot-pants instead. For a more sophisticated, edgy look, try a sequined blazer with a pair of jean trousers and a dressy top or over a pencil dress. I've been eying this one from Forever21 and I might just get my hands on it. If you're into the minimal look I would even just use a big statement sequin clutch or maybe a sequin adorned collar like in the photo above.

what do you guys think of sequins? any nye plans yet?



Alexandra Spallicci said...

I love sequins, I think it's really versatile ;)

Elegantly Wasted said...

I like sequins at the moment although they can look extremely tacky in many cases. Matte sequin pieces are the best way to rock the sequin trend and keep it looking classy!




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