Favorite Mac Products of all time!

I've always been a fan of MAC for their vast range of bright colors and limited edition collections, however I tended to always keep my purchases to a minimum since their products could really be pricey. Ever since I actually got into makeup, though, I found that I just keep going back for some of the same MAC products because they don't break me out, they last a long time, and really just work with what I have.

This lip-liner in In Anticipation was a recent purchase, but made its way onto my favorite products because of its smooth consistency and color. I always find that some pinks just completely wash me out and look either too pasty or light, but this pink liner has more of a coral-undertone to it, which makes it bring out a natural tan in my skin and plays a twist on an every-day pink lip-liner. I often fill my entire lip with it or use it to layer with lipstick. 

This lipstick in Pink Plaid is the perfect bubble-gum pink that looks perfect for night or day. It's one of my favorites because it's so creamy and it glides on so smoothly. Looks awesome under some Aquafor (I never really use lip-gloss). 

Now as you can probably tell, I've used this Fluidline in Blacktrack a lot. Before, I used to go for a simple black-eyeliner pencil that I could just glide on and run out the door, but I always found it hard to get that angled wing with a pencil, not to mention liquid liner would just end up all over my face. So, after practicing with this gel liner and an angled brush from Ecotools, doing a winged-liner look became easier and now it's a look I do almost every-day! I think I might just pick it up in purple!

  This eye-shadow out of any neutral MAC shadow in Satin Taupe would have to be my ultimate favorite. First, I do have to admit that I'm not too fond of glitter-shadows, yet my top three favorites are glittery, which is quite odd. Satin Taupe is one of those colors that can pretty much go with anything: I've paired it before with gold, silver, purple and blue....its just one of those chamelion colors. Also, I find that its really easy to blend and layer on. I've had times where I just used my fingers to blend it in and was able to have more control over how dramatic my look was as opposed to using a brush. Its one of those shadows that can never go wrong and it's my go-to for every-day (or night!)

Now this MAC Shadow in Trax screams wild! It has the mix of a light plum and violet along with little specks of gold glitter. I remember wearing this at my junior prom with a silver shade and it just looked so lovely together. I usually go for this color for a special occasion or night out because it photographs very beautifully. 
Ah, my first MAC shadow ever, Twinks. I remember the day when I was just looking for a great evening crease shadow that was just different from the browns, and blacks, and grays that I often used from my Maybelline shadow quads. Twinks caught my eye because it was a mix between a bronze and deep plum. It had an easiness of a neutral but still was a pop-of-color that I was looking for. It looks fab paired with any paint-pot.
This was a mascara I stumbled upon when I was purchasing some makeup for a wedding. I was looking for something that was definitely waterproof, that lasted a long time, and had the drama of fake lashes. So, I found the Opulash in Optimum Black. I must admit, though, that when it says its long-lasting, it really is, so I would only recommend it for night. A good eye-makeup remover would do you some justice as well. But, say hello to really thick and false-looking lashes. 

Photos: My own
Finally, saved the best for last: Mac Paint pots. Its one of the easiest products to use that last for a long time and can really brighten your eyes without much effort. Sometimes, when I really don't want to spend a lot of time doing my makeup, I just dab a little bit of the paint-pot and use some mascara and I'm ready to go. But my favorite part about it is the fact that it can be used for layering. I often use Painterly or Soft Ochre in order to cover-up some redness because they are flesh-tone colors. However, if you're looking for something fun, with a little glitter, and youthful sheen, I would go for Bare Study. 

What are your favorite MAC products?


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Nicole✗✗ said...

These are amazing choices!! I am obsessed with makeup and MAC is seriously one of the best!! All your eye shadows are beautiful and I have been meaning to try out Pink Plaid... I just might have to now.


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