let's go on a picnic

Above photos via. weheartit

I've recently fallen in love with all things sweet and dainty. Everything from light perfume to lacy a-line skirts, and peter-pan collars. The whole femininity of the looks are just so beautiful and I know that once the weather eases up a bit, I might just forget about my leather jacket. And those little parisian 50's-60's style purses that rest on the fore-arm, forget about it....I'm swooning over them!  

what do you think?



StyleCandy said...

Seriously this is perfection. peter pan collars and lady purses and lace and oh my god, have you smelled the original Miss Dior Cherie perfume??? it is incredible and girly and dainty and you would love it.

Laureen Gazio said...

Lovely pictures ! And I love the last outfit, I would wear every single piece of it !


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