It must sprout upwards

Photos via.  eglecekanaviciute

Being a nature and fashion lover myself, I was intrigued by the sight of Egle Cekanaviciute's 6 piece collection, after discovering the blogs: girlalamode, and drkmttr. It features these light and organic silhouettes, primarily made from burlap sacks or tailoring muslin, that convey the power of nature. I love the muted and minimalist style of the pieces combined with the plants. The collection itself has this beautifully organic, yet modern feeling, which I just love. 



Jerome C. said...

love how fashion meets nature, i saw the same designs on tv. I guess it's the a programme for the best designers. I love this post :D


chop and crop said...

love this! i love combining fashion and nature, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing :)


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