Blush-toned Goodies, Spikes, and one Sleepy Pug

Photos via. connectedtofashion, vogue.co.uk, tumblr
This week moved in a sluggish kind of way. It may have been because of the wave of cold that came through New York. It felt quit odd taking my boots, chunky scarves, and sweaters out again, as I was lounging around in a maxi-dress just a week before. Looks can be deceiving! Always check the weather before stepping out onto the New York streets...they're full of unpredictability.

As for this week's bit of inspiration, I couldn't help but spend a few chunks of my time on tumblr, gathering a bunch of photos that grabbed my eye. I became fascinated with all things spikey, like this necklace from Minusey and everything blush-toned.


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Lauren said...

Love all they rose pink in these photos! xo




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