A Modern Day Woman.

1. A Trench Coat: Probably one of the oldest staples to a woman's wardrobe. A trench is a classic way to tie a look together without sacrificing sophistication for warmth. It's perfect for the Autumn and Spring transitional months and flatters nearly any figure. Just a little tip, find one with a belt at the waist!
2. A White Blouse: A white blouse is one of the most versatile looks to a woman's wardrobe as they can go for day or night, casual or dressy. And what's even more great about them, they are work-appropriate but still chic. Try to splurge a little on a basic item like the white blouse because cheaper materials wear easily. Silks last longer and look more polished. 
3. A Plain Tank: I chose a gray piece, however any neutral color will really do, such as black, navy, or white. Whether it be layered under a simple cardigan or paired with a leather jacket and pumps, tank-tops are just the very basics to building one's wardrobe. To dress it up, don't forget to add a statement necklace!
4. Nude Flats: Flats are comfortable, cute, and they go with nearly every outfit. I often find myself going straight to them when the nail-polish on my toes are super chipped or if I want to wear something a little more formal than canvas shoes. 
5. Dark Wash Skinny Jeans: Another item that can go with nearly anything. A pair of dark-wash skinny jeans slims the body and can be dressed up or dressed down.
6. A Leather Jacket: A black leather jacket or even a blazer is really one of those items that are perfect for sprucing up an outfit. They add an edginess to an outfit but still look very effortless and laid-back. Try to stay away from overly embellished or studded ones as they tend to go out of style easily and they may take away the classic quality.
7. Little Red Dress: You're probably wondering..."don't you mean black?" However, I think that a little red dress in a classic shape is truly essential to a woman's wardrobe. Not only does it look lively, but it really speaks for itself. You can go out with nothing but a pair of black pumps and a red dress and still look like a knockout, whereas the LBD may need some statement jewelry or a vibrant clutch to add some pizazz. 
8. A Black Pencil Skirt: Sexy, figure-flattering, and even work-appropriate, the black pencil skirt is vital to a modern woman in the work-force. Pair it with your white blouse tucked-in and you have a perfect work outfit. Tuck a fancy blouse with some statement jewelry and you have a great dinner look. Just be wary of the length. Thigh in front of the boss is a no-no!
9. Black Pumps: Speaks for itself.
10. A Statement Necklace: Depending on your own personal taste (it doesn't necessarily have to be like the one shown), a statement necklace is perfect for an evening look that needs a touch of sparkle or pizazz. Use this accessory to show off your personal style whether it be classic, trendy, edgy, etc.
11. A Bright Day Purse: Now you're probably wondering why I picked a bright color for everyday. I personally think that having some sort of bright, loud, purse for everyday livens up a basic, casual outfit. Since, most casual outfits are pretty basic, comfortable, and neutral, I think having a pop of color in the purse is a great way to add some spark!
12. A Neutral Night Purse: This one kind of goes hand in hand with the bright everyday purse. Since most outfits at night tend to be loud, vibrant, and colorful, I feel that a neutral (usually black) night clutch or bag will really match any outfit.
13. A Knit Sweater: Perfect for those heavily air conditioned offices, movie theaters, and shopping malls, the knit sweater is a true necessity. They are perfect for layering, especially with statement jewelry, scarves, and other knitwear. Neutrals work best, although stripes look just as good!
14. A Neutral Eye-Palette: Last but definitely not least, makeup is still a main component to a modern woman's look. Although I do love vibrant colors, shimmer, and false lashes, a natural look is something that every woman should at least try. A neutral-eye shadow palette is something that goes with every eye color, every skin-tone, and outfit.

What are some of your key wardrobe items?


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