This week, I was inspired by all the bright colors and bold prints most people normally shy away from. Although I do appreciate all-white and minimalism, I really love it when an extra pop of color is added. Not only can it make a space more inviting and cozy, but it also adds some fashion-forwardness, spice...pizazz if you will. Then next time you're at a thrift shop, flee market, or furniture store, and you are trying to add pizazz to a room, try looking for:
*Jewelry Boxes/Containers
*Fabrics (these can be framed!)

Despite my obsession with vibrant room decorations, bold prints and colors are vital to livening up one's wardrobe! I may not ever let go of my basic set of staple items (LBD, Blazer, Trench, etc.) but, I must admit that it is fun indulging in a crazy printed jacket or pair of trousers. But simplicity should be something that remains in the style, the cut, the shape. My favorite way to wear a bold print or color is with accessories. Sometimes a bright necklace, purse, belt, or head-wear is all you might need to turn heads.


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mes bijoux said...

What a nice selection! I adore to put some bright color at my home (so white) or at my wardrobe (sometimes so grey).


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