Delicious Arm Candy

I never truly was one to stack up a bunch of bracelets, bangles, and watches on my wrists. Even if I  tried to sport a bunch of bracelets they'd be clacking all day and I'd be fussing with them until a point where I took them off. I often become so aware of the fact that there is something on my wrist that I must free myself of the tugging feeling on my skin. Trust me, I'm like this even with hair ties. However, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate those who actually wear a set of arm candy and take the time to create a unique stack of beautiful gems, studs, pearls...you get the idea. I can't help but admire those who pair completely different pieces together in a way that is complementary. 

I think it really says something about someone's own personal taste or fashion sense when you look down at their wrist; whether it be a bunch of kooky charm bracelets or tribal bangles.

So have fun when creating your arm candy! I take a look at these photos for some inspiration! If you're like me, who can't last an hour with a few bracelets on, try something less fussy: a necklace, earrings maybe?



mes bijoux said...

I looove to stack up a lot of bracelets! Maybe it is because I make them ;-)
kisses from Barcelona!

Savannah Marie said...

I have the biggest weakness for bracelets, especially bangles! My collection is growing out of control!

Savannah Marie

Savannah Marie said...
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Tatiana and the Deathly Fashion said...

I totally agree with you that arm candy reflects one's style! I would love to have a party on my arm if only I could pull out some extra cash for a bangle set and cuff here and there! I think I can last with them all around my arms. Maybe some cool hair pins and studs will be a cool look for you! :)

E said...

very nice pictures :) very nice accessory inspiration.

<3 Emi



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