A new Space.

Moving into a new apartment? A new home? Dorm? Space? I guess you must have butterflies in your tummy just thinking about it. Whether you are a student or not, "move-in" day can pretty hectic, exciting, overwhelming, and quite difficult. As the summer is coming to an end, many people are settling into their new spaces...trying to assimilate into new lifestyles. I like to think of it a start to a new year even though the new year technically starts from the beginning of January. If you're having jitters and freakouts about your new move-in date, try breathing first. It takes time to adjust. But in the mean-time, try making your space inviting, fun, creative-YOU. The last thing you would want to do is to create a space that SOMEONE ELSE wants. And yes I understand that in dormitories you must face that challenge of sharing a space, yet who says you can't decorate your own wall however you want!? 

If you are in a small space like a dorm, try to get creative with certain accents like your bedspread, pillows, wall decor. Given the constraints of the room, these little accents can be decorated to your liking. If you're all for a modern look, go for a clean-white bedspread along with little pops of color in your throw-pillows. You can add some paintings (TJmaxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, Target or even Flea Markets are great) or even photographs that show off your personal flair. While if you're science obsessed, you can hang a giant framed periodic-table poster with a galaxy-printed bedspread. Just have fun with it! Decorate your room with something you love! And happy move-in day!


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